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Our mission

Our mission is to keep the Mediterranean Sea plastic-free while promoting a circular economy for coastal plastics.

recovering plastic wasteTo achieve our mission we focus our efforts on recovering plastic waste before it enters the Mediterranean Sea and turning it into Recovered Seaside Plastic® – a sustainable alternative to virgin plastic for the creation of new products.
blockchain recovered seaside plasticThrough our certification program and online Blockchain platform used by our Certified partners, our Organisation delivers transparency and traceability across the plastics value chain and the circularity of coastal plastics.

What we do

From waste at risk of entering the sea to a valuable resource to new products.


We work with and connect partners across the plastics value chain to recover plastic from at-risk Mediterranean areas within 10 km of a coastline.


Collected plastic is then processed into Recovered Seaside Plastic®, a certified raw material that will be used in the creation of new products, reducing the need for new plastic, and saving on resources and energy.


Our goal is to keep plastic away from the sea and to close the plastic cycle while ensuring:
• Full transparency and traceability across the plastics value chain.
• Increased supply chain efficiencies for optimum plastics recovery and reuse.

How we do it

We deliver a traceable and positive impact journey enabled by Oracle Blockchain Technology.

We have developed the Recovered Seaside Plastic® platform, an innovative custom-made online platform
using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Blockchain technology.

Through the Recovered Seaside Plastic® platform our Organisation:

Audited and certified Collectors, Recyclers, Manufacturers, and Brands are granted access to the platform to enter and share information about the plastics they have recovered, recycled, or integrated into their production
By enabling the sharing of valid and verified information through the blockchain platform, we promote trust and collaboration among members of the plastics value chain
Enhanced collaborations and trusted long-term relationships are the basis for improved efficiencies, eventually leading to more seaside plastic being recovered, recycled, and reused

For the benefit of the sea and the industry

Apart from enhanced collaborations and business relationships, our Recovered Seaside Plastic® platform and material can help companies
build trust between their sustainability efforts and consumers’ environmental concerns

The Recovered Seaside Plastic® badge that can be proudly displayed by our certified partners is a strong symbol of circular and sustainable practices

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