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Recovered Seaside Plastic®

The Certification

Designed to encourage effective plastic waste collection, sustainable reuse, and prevent Mediterranean Sea plastic pollution.

Through our innovative Recovered Seaside Plastic® Certification programme we aim to certify:


Recycled raw materials

originating from plastic waste collected from at-risk Mediterranean coastal areas within 10 km from a coastline

Plastic products

made with Recovered Seaside Plastic® raw materials.


Collectors, Recyclers, Manufacturers, and Brand Owners active across the plastics value chain and involved in the circular journey of coastal plastics.
Recovered Seaside Plastic - certification programme

To become certified,

interested parties get audited by our Organisation against a series of certification requirements.
Upon successful completion of the audit, Certified partners:

  • Are granted access to the Recovered Seaside Plastic® Blockchain platform for entering and accessing valid information about the plastics circular journey.
  • Can proudly showcase the Recovered Seaside Plastic® trademark as a strong symbol of circular and sustainable practices.
recovered seaside plastic logo

Certification benefits

The Recovered Seaside Plastic® blockchain platform and certification programme can benefit and serve all parts of the supply chain – from collectors to consumers.

Certified partners – Collectors, Recyclers, Manufacturers, and Brand Owners – are granted access to the Recovered Seaside Plastic® blockchain platform to register and upload information relative to each stage of the circular plastic journey.

By bringing Collectors, Recyclers, Manufacturers, and Brands onto a platform to enter and share valid information, we promote trust and collaboration, leading to increased efficiencies, and eventually more seaside plastic being recovered, recycled and reused.

Manufacturers and Brands closing the plastic cycle by incorporating Recovered Seaside Plastic® in their products have access to digital certificates verifying every step of the journey of the plastic, and a digital depiction of this journey step-by-step: from the point of collection to recycling, to manufacturing. Αll of these, with complete transparency and privacy.

Through our Blockchain Platform and Certification Programme, Manufacturers, and Brand Owners now have the means to provide their customers with complete traceability and transparency about a product’s origin and circular journey – from plastic waste, to recycled raw material, to finished product.






Brand Owners


Tracking plastic across the value chain: from waste to recycling to finished product.


Providing a transparent digital pathway of the recycled material.


Each transaction is verified by Oracle Blockchain technology in an unchangeable and permanent manner.


Enabling enhanced business relationships and trust, leading to increased efficiencies.

The Recovered Seaside Plastic® badge

is a strong symbol of circular and sustainable practices
that protect the Mediterranean Sea and contribute to a better future.

recovered seaside plastic logo
It signals that the recycled plastic used in the product or packaging comes from plastic collected from at-risk Mediterranean coastal areas, saved before it ends up in the sea, recycled and reused.
It is a symbol of applying the circular economy model as opposed to the linear take-make-waste production model, and one that preserves the marine environment and ecosystems, marine life, and human health.
Consumers today have become more sensitive to the environmental impact of their purchasing choices than ever before. And they increasingly seek to purchase items that provide information about their origin.
Analysts suggest that eco-friendly and conscious consumerism is not a trend but is here to stay. In response, brands and package creators need to continuously be looking for and applying innovations and responsible practices that protect the sea and the planet!
The Recovered Seaside Plastic® certification badge provides Manufacturers and Brands with the eco and origin credentials they need to enhance their reputation and image. It is a powerful tool for communicating effectively that they care and take action for the environment! Ultimately, it can help companies build trust between their sustainability efforts and consumers’ environmental concerns.
Interested to know more about the Recovered Seaside Plastic® Certification programme?
Just tell us a little bit about you, and we’ll make sure you receive all the information you need!